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Il Bottaio Gallery

Il Bottaio Gallery

Il Bottaio Gallery

The wine shop
that you don't expect

The Bottaio Gallery offers a careful selection of Italian and foreign wines: from reds to whites, from rosés to classic and charmat methods, where you can find the right wine for every occasion.

Bottaio Gallery - Made in Italy represents a journey of discovery of the territory and the Italian oenological heritage.

Inside the wine shop it is possible to buy bottles of wine from the various regions of Italy, and at the same time make an excursus through a tasting experience, also of local artisan products. A specialized sommelier, attentive to your needs, is available to guide you in choosing the wine that best suits your taste or to answer any kind of question or curiosity about the wine world.

Tradition, art and heritage

The Bottaio Gallery - Made in Italy is not only a wine shop, but abut a sophisticated project to recover the premises of an old workshop, with the aim of preserving the memory of a place linked to Italian artisanship.

The history of Il Bottaio, that takes its name from the ancient craft of making wooden barrels - “botte”, in Italian - is at the heart of this project that aims at keeping traditions alive, in particular those liked to craftsmanship. Back then, the production of barrels made of wood and iron stripes wasn’t a luxury per se, but an important necessity for agricultural and domestic purposes; indeed many daily and seasonal activities required reliable, ductile, robust yet lightweight, containers.

After the Second World War, during the economic boom, many farmers left the countryside and flee to the mountains looking for opportunities. The highest part of our lake was hit by this emigration wave and was inevitably and gradually left with less and less work for artisans and craftsmen, whose job, once very important, had become obsolete.

The Bottaio Gallery is one of the very few historical workshop that have been saved and preserved and is now an open space gallery that can be visited. Here, Italian masters of Made in Italy - modern craftsmen with their feet firmly planted in tradition - have their own suggestive and classy exhibition spaces, immersed in a charming and welcoming atmosphere. Il Bottaio Gallery represents a unique gallery in Varenna: a "walk" at the heart of "made in Italy”, where the tradition of craftsmanship is combined with the elegance of modernity.


Since 1964, Fratelli Rizzi Snc has been known on the world market for the production of professional cutting tools. Experience and tradition combined with research and innovation ensure the best quality at the right price.

Pelletteria Denti
Since 1958 it has represented excellence in Italian craftsmanship and Lake Como.
Its products are 100% made in Italy, from the sourcing of real leather to the carefully executed production stages.


Your products

Are you a craftsman or a merchant? Do you want to rent a shop window or an exhibition space inside the Bottaio Gallery to display and sell your local products or your craft work? Contact us for more information and details.


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Red, pink or white? At the Bottaio Gallery not only is it possible to buy a bottle from a wide selection of the finest Italian and foreign wines, but above all it is possible to ask for an expert opinion from our sommelier, ready to suggest the best choice to combine with any occasion: whether it is a refined dinner or a business lunch, a boat trip or a nice gift. Thanks to his solid skills and knowledge, our expert sommelier will be happy to answer any questions about the bottles present in the wine shop and to describe them in relation to the geographical and productive environment they come from.