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This Coookie Policy concerns the use of cookies and is aimed at Users who visit the barilmolovarenna.it website.

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What are cookies for?

Cookies are small strings of text that are exchanged between a website and a person’s browser every time he or she accesses the Internet.

Cookies are used for different purposes, such as allowing computer authentication, keeping track of user browsing sessions, improving the navigability of the site itself, collecting and storing various information regarding user preferences and choices, etc.

To learn more about cookies, please visit the dedicated website, which you will find listed below next to the country of origin:

Italy: Your Online Choices www.youronlinechoices.com/it/

Other: All About Cookies www.allaboutcookies.org

The general provisions of the authorities in charge of privacy (GU n. 126 of 3 June 2014) defined two kinds of cookies:

Technical Cookies – Used to enable the transmission of communication, to perform a requested service, or to conduct statistical research on the use of a website. Profiling Cookies – Used to record users’ behaviour and preferences in order to send them promotional messages in line with their interests.

With regard to the foregoing, this Website uses the following kinds of cookies:

Technical Cookies

Technical cookies make it possible for certain parts of the website to function and, therefore, to permit navigation or provide a service requested by a User. They are not used for other purposes and are normally installed by the owner of the website.

These cookies are saved within the browser. It is possible to delete or disable the receipt of these cookies, compromising the functionality of some of the website’s services. For the use of these cookies it is not necessary to obtain the user’s consent.


In terms of analytical cookies, the authorities have specified that they may be assimilated with technical cookies only if used to optimise the website directly by the owner of said website, who will be able to collect information in aggregated form on the number of Users and on how they visit the website. Under these conditions, the same rules apply to analytical cookies as to technical cookies in terms of policy and consent.

Google Analytics is a free web analysis tool provided by Google which makes it possible to collect information regarding the pages visited, the time spent on the website, and the way in which the website was found. This data makes it possible to report trends on websites without identifying individual visitors. In order to use these cookies, Users must provide their consent simply by continuing their navigation of the Website, by clicking outside of the banner that the Website displays at the time of initial access. Google Analytics uses its own cookies. You can find out more about Google’s privacy policy by visiting: http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/privacy/

It is possible to withdraw from the use of Google Analytics in relation to the use of our Website by downloading and installing the Browser Plugin available at: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en

How to Block the Use of Cookies

Another method for managing cookies is to modify the settings of the browser used. In fact, most internet browsers are configured by default to accept cookies. It is however possible to disable their use or to manage which of these can be used or not.

In terms of third party cookies used by the website, please refer to the provider’s policy which can be accessed via the link indicated which provides information on how to disable them.

Below are links to descriptions on how to manage cookies on the most common Internet browsers:

Internet Explorer

Modify Cookie settings

Click on the “Tools” icon, “Internet Options”, then on the “Privacy” tab. You can adjust the acceptance policy of cookies by moving the slider up or down or by clicking on the “Website” button and in the window that appears authorise or block acceptance of cookies website by website. Click “OK” to apply the modification.

Cookie deletion

Select “Tools”, “Internet Options”, then “Delete” from the “Browsing History” box. You will find a series of options, among which “Cookies”. Verify that there is a checkmark next to your name and click “Delete”.


Google Chrome

Modify Cookie settings

Type chrome://settings/ in the address bar and select “Show Advanced Settings” in the lower part of the page, then on “Content Settings” in the “Privacy” section and “Permit Data to be Saved Locally (recommended)”, and finally “Finish”.

Cookie deletion

Type chrome://history/ in the address bar and select “Delete Browsing Data…”. You will see a series of options, including “Cookies and other data from websites and plug-ins”. Verify that there is a check mark next to you name and click “Delete Browsing Data”.

However, we recommend that you always check the updated guide by clicking here https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416? hl=en

Mozilla Firefox

Modify Cookie settings

Access the options via the menu icon, then select the “Privacy” section. In the chronology option select: “Use Personalised Settings”, then regulate the management of cookies through the options made available by the program. Click “OK” to apply the modification.

Cookie deletion

Access the options via the menu icon, then select the “Privacy” section. In the chronology option select: “Use Personalised Settings”, then click on “Show Cookies”. You will see the cookies window. In the “Search” field type the name of the website that you wish to remove from cookies. A list will appear that shows the cookies related to the search. In the list, select the cookies that you wish to remove and click on the button “Remove Selection”. To eliminate all cookies saved on your computer you can use the button “Remove All Cookies”.

We recommend that you always check the updated guide by clicking here: https://support.mozilla.org/it/kb/Attivare%20e%20disattivare%20i%20cookie


Modify Cookie settings

Click on “Preferences” in the “Tools” menu (combination of keys CTRL+) then select the “Privacy” section. Select the cookies management policy by choosing one of the options proposed by the program, then close the options window by clicking on the closure icon in the upper right.

Cookie deletion

Click on “Preferences” in the “Tools” menu (combination of keys CTRL+) then select the “Privacy” section. Click on “Remove all Website Data” and then confirm the choice. Choose the cookies management policy from among those offered by the programme and close the options window by clicking on the closure icon in the upper right.

We recommend that you always refer to the updated guide by clicking on https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201265



If using a device like Smartphone, tablet, etc., please verify that the browser on each device is set to your preferences with regard to cookies.

For behavioural targeting cookies installed by third parties, you can set your preferences via the website www.youronlinechoices.com/it (the system operates with reference to the member companies who use cookies for behavioural targeting).

Amendments to this Policy

Bar Il Molo Varenna reserves the right to modify this information, as warranted. We encourage you to check this page periodically in case you want to keep track of any changes thereto.


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